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Mushkpuri Top: A Guide to Best Location, Hotels & Season

Settled in the core of the spellbinding Galyat range in Pakistan, Mushkpuri Top stands as a demonstration of the stunning excellence of the district. This unspoiled objective isn’t just a shelter for travelers. And nature devotees yet additionally offers a peaceful getaway for those looking for serenity in the midst of the grand mountains. In this blog, we will dive into the area of Mushkpuri Top. Investigate the best lodgings for an agreeable stay, and guide you on the best seasons to visit this captivating objective.


Mushkpuri Top is arranged in the Nathiagali locale of the Galyat range in Pakistan’s Khyber Pakhtunkhwa territory. Open from both Islamabad and Abbottabad, the excursion to Mushkpuri Top is basically as entrancing as the actual objective. Nathiagali, a popular hill station known for its lush greenery and pleasant weather. Is frequently where travelers begin their journey. The trip to Mushkpuri Top is a moderate one, taking roughly 2 to 3 hours. Making it reasonable for the two novices and experienced travelers.

As you rise the paths, the scene changes from thick backwoods to open knolls, offering all-encompassing perspectives on the encompassing mountains. The last rising to the culmination is compensated with a stunning perspective on the Himalayan and Karakoram ranges. The area’s immaculate magnificence and generally simple openness make Mushkpuri Top a #1 among experience searchers and nature sweethearts the same.

Best Lodgings:

While Mushkpuri Top itself doesn’t flaunt a plenty inns, the encompassing regions, particularly Nathiagali and Ayubia, offer a scope of convenience choices to suit various inclinations and spending plans.

Pearl Mainland Inn, Bhurban:

For those looking for extravagance and solace, the Pearl Mainland Inn in Bhurban is a top decision. Found not a long way from Nathiagali, this five-star inn offers rich rooms, current conveniences. And dazzling perspectives on the encompassing mountains. It’s an optimal retreat for those hoping to loosen up following a day of traveling.

Nathiagali’s Green Retreat:

Assuming you incline toward a comfortable and cozy setting, Green Retreat Nathiagali is a beguiling guesthouse that gives a home-like environment. With very much named rooms and customized administrations, it offers an ideal mix of solace and reasonableness.

Pine Top Lodging, Ayubia:

Arranged in Ayubia, Pine Top Lodging is a mid-range choice that gives agreeable rooms.A helpful area for investigating Mushkpuri Top and its environmental factors. The inn’s warm neighborliness and grand environmental factors pursue it a famous decision among explorers.

Mushkpuri Slope Bungalow:

For an exceptional and vivid experience, consider remaining in one of the houses accessible close to Mushkpuri Top. You’ll be able to get a closer connection with the natural world in these cozy accommodations that have a rustic charm.

Seasons to Avoid:

The excellence of Mushkpuri Top is that it offers an alternate involvement with each season, each with its own appeal.

Spring (Walk to May):

The entire region comes to life in the spring with vibrant greenery and blooming flowers. The weather conditions is charming, making it an amazing time for journeying and partaking in the picturesque magnificence.

From June to August, summer:

A cool respite from the scorching heat of the plains is available during the summer. The rich scenes and agreeable temperatures make it an optimal time for families and nature sweethearts.

Pre-winter (September to November):

As the leaves change tone, the scene takes on a brilliant shade, making a pleasant setting. The weather conditions stays gentle, making it an extraordinary time for journeying and open air exercises.


November through February while winters carry a sweeping of snow to Mushkpuri Top, it changes into a colder time of year wonderland. The snow-covered tops and chilly scenes make a mysterious climate. Drawing in experience devotees and photographic artists.

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