Hunza Valley Gilgit Baltistan

Famous Hunza Valley Gilgit Baltistan | Pyara Skardu

The enchanting Hunza Valley and the beautiful city of Skardu are nestled in the heart of the famous Karakoram Reach in Gilgit-Baltistan, Pakistan. Known for its stunning scenes, rich social heritage and warm cordiality, these objections are a haven for nature lovers, adventure seekers and those seeking tranquility. In this blog, we take a virtual excursion to explore the wonders of the Hunza Valley and the excellence of Skardu, often referred to as Pyara Skardu.

A brief glimpse of paradise on the planet

Amazing landscape

The Hunza Valley is known for its remarkable scenery, characterized by towering peaks, perfectly clear streams and abundant vegetation. Surrounded by some of the world’s most spectacular mountains, including Rakaposhi and Ultar Sar, the valley offers all-encompassing perspectives that will amaze you.

Excellent Pinnacles

The Hunza Valley is surrounded by some of the world’s grandest and grandest peaks, creating a horizon that seems straight out of a dream. Notorious among these transcendent guardians are the Rakaposhi and Ultar Sar, whose snowy peaks approach the heavens. The landscape turns into a magical panorama as the sunlight plays with these peaks at sunrise and sunset.

Hunza Stream

The Hunza Stream, a frigid waterway nurtured by the melting snow of the surrounding peaks, meanders through the valley, adding a touch of tranquility to the rugged landscape. The turquoise waters of the stream perfectly balance the harsh scenes and create a mesmerizing sight that dazzles the viewer.

Blossoming apricot plantations

In spring, the valley fully awakens to the dynamic tones of blossoming apricot plantations. Seeing pink and white flowers against the background of snow-capped mountains is a visual orchestra. That heralds the appearance of the next season. The fragrance of flowers swirls around and nourishes the guests.

Emerald Green Fields

In summer, the valley turns into an interlaced field of emerald green. The terraced fields, developed with precision by the surrounding ranchers, add a sense of harmony to the rugged terrain. Against the background of high mountains, the fields become a material of contrasting colors. Which stands out for the flexibility and versatility of life at high altitudes.

Attabad Lake

One of the fresher jewels in Hunza’s crown is Attabad Lake. A stunning turquoise-framed reservoir after an avalanche in 2010. It’s a special sight to see the vibrant color of the lake against the barren mountains that surround it. Guests can take a boat ride on the lake, soaking in the tranquility while being surrounded by the grandeur of the scene.

Khunjerab Pass

A trip to the Khunjerab Pass, the highest paved international border crossing in the world, is a must for the adventurous. The pass offers sweeping views of the Pamir and Karakoram mountains and provides a brief glimpse of the untamed perfection of the high-altitude scenes.

Memorial Karimabad

The capital in Hunza is Karimabad, a quaint settlement with a rich history. The old Baltit Post, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, remains an example of the neighborhood’s social heritage. The post’s engineering and key area provides a brief glimpse into the past, offering guests the opportunity to step back in time.

Warm accommodation

Individuals of Hunza are known for their accommodation and neighborhood. Guests are often warmly welcomed, welcomed to participate in the local customs, traditions and delicious cooking of Hunza. The warmth of the locals adds a unique charm to the experience.

Adventure Awaits

For the brave spirits, the Hunza Valley offers a range of outdoor pursuits, from trekking and mountain climbing to paragliding. Shocking scenes act as backdrops for exciting experiences that evoke lasting memories.

Trip to Rakaposhi headquarters

The Hunza Valley is a traveller’s paradise and a trip to Rakaposhi headquarters is an excursion that guarantees both test and price. The journey through rugged terrain and spectacular glades ends at Rakaposhi headquarters, giving travelers an up-close experience with this stunning peak and all-encompassing views of the surrounding scenes.

Trip to the container

For those who strive, the Container Glacial Mass Trip offers a potential chance to explore the frigid wilderness. The trip leads along rough trails, past high passes and finally to the stunning container glacial mass. The strange experience of walking on an ice sheet surrounded by soaring peaks is a memory that waits long after the excursion is over.

Ultar Sar Command

At over 7,300 meters high, Ultar Sar attracts climbers from all over the world. Moving to Ultar Sar HQ is a test of expertise and endurance. Price? A unique view of one of the most amazing mountain vistas, surrounded by the majesty of the Karakoram Mountains.

Heli-skiing in Hunza

For people looking for an adrenaline rush through whimsical means, heli-skiing in the Hunza Valley is an exciting option. Helicopters transport skiers to perfect, pristine slopes where they can blast their way through fresh powder against a backdrop of snow-capped peaks.

Skardu – The Jewel of Gilgit-Baltistan

Entering the experience

Skardu, also known as Pyara Skardu or “Beautiful Skardu”, is the gateway to some of the world’s highest peaks, including K2, the world’s second highest mountain. The city is the base for the journey to the mesmerizing Shigar and Khaplu valleys, giving travelers an opportunity to explore the rugged perfection of the location.

Shangri-La Hotel

One of the features of Skardu is the Shangrila Resort, a tranquil retreat that seems straight out of fantasy. Located on the shores of Lake Shangrila, the retreat offers stunning views of the surrounding mountains and provides a peaceful retreat from the hustle and bustle of everyday existence.

Rich social embroidery

Skardu is a mixture of different societies and customs. Among the city’s many ethnic groups are Balti, Shina and Kashmiri people, all of whom contribute to the vibrant cultural fabric of the region. Guests can explore the surrounding business sectors, interact with well-disposed local people and immerse themselves in the social richness of Pyar Skardu.

Deosai Public Park

For the untamed devotees of life, Skardu is the gateway to the Deosai Public Park, an elevated plateau known for its exceptional greenery. The recreation area is home to brown bears, ibex and various migratory birds, offering nature lovers a valuable opportunity to observe the untamed magnificence of the site.

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