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Discovering Skardu Hidden Gems: Exploring Its Most Attractive Places

Located in the heart of the stunning district of Gilgit-Baltistan, Skardu is a paradise for nature lovers and adventure seekers. As we enter 2023, the allure of Skardu has just strengthened, attracting explorers from all over the world. A perfect blend of stunning landscapes, rich culture. and unrivaled hospitality is found in this jewel of Pakistan. Come with us to explore the must-visit places in Skardu that will leave you mesmerized.

Shangrila Resort

Often referred to as ‘heaven on planet’, Shangrila Resort is a must-visit destination in Skardu. Located on the shores of Lake Shangrila, it offers stunning views of the surrounding mountains. Guests can enjoy boat rides, explore the beautifully landscaped gardens and relax in the quiet of this ethereal place.

A brief look at the sky

Aptly named, Shangrila Resort draws its inspiration from the legendary picture-perfect world depicted in James Hilton’s book ‘Lost Skyline’. As soon as you enter this shrine, you are greeted by a scene that seems to defy reality. The sky-blue waters of Shangrila Lake reflect the snow-capped peaks, making the situation as pleasant as it is difficult.

Shangrila Resort – Sanctuary for the Spirit

The resort itself is a masterpiece of design and architecture that blends with the surrounding natural beauty. Comfort options range from comfortable cabins to extravagant suites. Each offering full views of the lake and the Karakoram region. The rich cultural heritage of the area is reflected in the interior decoration, which is characterized by local craftsmanship.

Sheosar Lake

Tucked away in the Deosai Public Park, Sheosar Lake is a perfect gem surrounded by rolling fields and snow-capped peaks. The lake is opened by a beautiful drive through a public park. And offers glimpses of the other untamed life that this place has. Nature lovers will find the perfect setting at Sheosar Lake. Where the azure sky and towering mountains are reflected in the crystal clear water.

Deosai Jewel

At around 4,142 meters (13,589 ft) above ocean level, Sheosar Lake is possibly the largest lake on the planet. The name “Sheosar” means “Blind Lake”, a nod to the legendary belief that the lake is so deep that even birds flying over it can be visually impaired. This is a major contributor to the personality of this charming body of water.

How to reach Sheosar Lake

Getting to Sheosar Lake is an undertaking in itself. The excursion includes a spectacular drive through the breathtaking Deosai Public Park. Which is often referred to as “The place known for monsters” due to its novel environment and diverse wildlife. The recreation area, with its patchy clearings. And wild flowers, prefaces the stunning magnificence that awaits at Sheosar Lake.

Skardu fort

Skardu Post is an example of the rich history of the district and likes to neglect the city. The fortress, whose history dates back to the 8th century, has witnessed the rise and fall of many empires. From the lookout point of the fort, you can take a fascinating journey through time by looking at the ancient structures and enjoying the panoramic views.

 A brief history

The weathered walls of Skardu Fort, believed to date back to the 8th century, hold the secrets of a bygone era. Over a long period, it has seen the movement of empires back and forth, the rise and fall of rulers, and the development of social embroidered artwork that forms the remarkable personality of the area. Its substantial area neglecting the conjunction of the Shigar and Indus streams gives it verifiable significance.

Design quality

Constructed of stone and wood, the pillar boasts a distinct structural style that reflects a blend of Tibetan and Mughal influences. Intricately carved wooden walkways, tight stairwells and solid defenses offer a glimpse into the craftsmanship of the craftsmen who built this enduring structure. As you weave through its courtyards, you can almost feel the murmur of the past echoing through the stones.

Skardu: Satpara Lake

Surrounded by snow-capped peaks, Satpara Lake is a pristine waterway that mesmerizes guests with its quiet perfection. Boating and fishing are two options for those looking for adventure, while those looking for tranquility can simply enjoy the breathtaking scenery.

Flawless Blue Waters and Reflections

The sapphire blue waters of the Satpara lake are dazzling. On calm days, the lake fills like a mirror, completely mirroring the rugged peaks that stand guard around its shores. This dazzling showcase of nature’s perfection provides a tranquil setting for guests seeking respite from the hustle and bustle of everyday existence.

Hijacking companies

Satpara Lake welcomes experienced devotees to explore its depth through sailing. Whether it’s a leisurely pedal boat ride or a seriously exciting speedboat encounter. The lake offers an exceptional view of its beautiful environmental features. The cool mountain air and the gentle lapping of the water against the boat create a vivid encounter that will remain etched in the memory.

Deosai Public Park

Deosai Public Park, known as “the place that is famous for Goliath”, is a high level that offers an interesting biological system. Right at home, guests can discover earth-colored Himalayan bears, brilliant marmots and a variety of bird categories. Nature lovers will find the vast meadows dotted with wild flowers a surreal experience.

A quick look at Goliath

Deosai, which means “A place known for monsters” in the nearby Balti language, perfectly embodies the grandeur of this public park. And rise to an average elevation of about 4,114 meters (13,497 ft) above sea level. The sheer size of the stage creates a sense of stun and makes guests feel like they are within sight of the goliaths.

Unique environment

The ecosystem of Deosai National Park is one of a kind with vast plains, rolling hills and crystal clear lakes. Over the course of the mid-year months, the fields burst into a riot of different varieties as wildflowers covered the scene. Conversely, the cold weather months turn Deosai into a colder wonderland of the year with a snow-covered surface.

Katpana Desert (Cold Desert)

A stunning contrast to the rich plant life of Skardu. The Katpana Desert, otherwise known as the Viral Desert. Is a strange scene of sand hills surrounded by snow-capped mountains. The desert awakens during the Skardu Desert Jeep Rally, an exhilarating event that attracts daredevils from around the world.

Distinguishing Charm

Set against the backdrop of the towering peaks of the Karakoram Reach, the Katpana Desert shocks guests with its surprising appeal. This cold desert, unlike typical hot deserts, experiences extreme temperature fluctuations, with scorching summers and freezing winters. The stark contrast between the desert scene and the snow-capped mountains creates a stunning and dreamlike setting.

The peculiarity of the viral desert

The aridity of the desert and the high altitude add to the new peculiarity of the viral desert, where temperatures can drop significantly even in the evenings of half the year. This adds a fascinating component to the experience of investigating Katpana, making it unlike any other desert scene on the planet.

Hushe Valley

For travel enthusiasts, the Hushe Valley is the gateway to what is arguably the most difficult and rewarding trek in the Karakoram Reach. The valley is the starting stage for ventures to peaks like Masherbrum and Laila Pinnacle, giving a potential chance to encounter the majesty of the world’s highest mountain ranges.

Masherbrum: The Hushe Queen

Masherbrum, otherwise known as the Sovereign of Hushe, obscuring the horizon, is quite possibly the most dazzling peak in the area. Climbers love it for its imposing presence and snowy peak. The view of Masherbrum from the Hushe Valley is downright stunning and forms a backdrop that enhances the valley’s normal grandeur.

Social wealth

The Hushe Valley is full of cultural richness in addition to the breathtaking landscape. The valley is dotted with traditional Baltic villages that provide an insight into the way of life and traditions of the local communities. The warm cordiality of the residents adds a human touch to the wilderness and creates a lively social gathering for guests.

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